Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Today I started law school. Sort was the first day of a three day orientation. Everyone was tense and stress filled the air. There was a continental breakfast which sucked and then about three hours of speakers. We took lunch, then had another three hours of speakers.

Most of this stuff I could have done with out. We went over everything from the thousands of dollars of debt we are about to incur to what happens if you aren't prepared for class (you basically get kicked out, humiliated then put on suicide watch). Seriously, that's what a professor told us (not the suicide watch though). Actually the professor who said this was a young hip nice-guy professor giving us a motivational talk. He wasn't threatening us at all, more just warning us of our fate should we be unprepared.

He said something along these lines will happen..."Leave...just leave. What are you even here for? Just go."

The student will stutter, turn red, pick up his books, lap top and what's left of his confidence and leave the class wondering what the hell just happened. I'll try and keep this mental image in my head everytime I don't feel like reading.

If I wasn't so exhausted from being there from 9am til 6pm I would be cracking a book right now and preparing for Monday. I'm not though. Cut me some slack, I got a lot done today. I got my books and straightened out a lot of house keeping work that needed to be done. Tomorrow is only Thursday and I will crack the books throughout the weekend then and be ready for next week of class.

I just spent over 900 bucks on books, but at least it is for both semesters. To go with the books I bought 32 dollars worth of Red Bull from a Sam's Club which is all the studying gear I should need.

When we broke up into sections I sized everyone chick in the front row...and so on.

Anyways, welcome to this blog where I hope to share many stories of my 1L and post other entertaining stories from around the nation of 1L's. I really hope I am a witness to the horror stories and not in one myself but either way the experience will be posted.

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